Updating Squeezelite on your Raspberry Pi

After running Squeezelite on my Raspberry Pi for a while, I thought it would be time to update Squeezelite to it’s latest version. And this is how I did it…

First you’ll have to login to your Raspberry Pi, you might want to open a terminal and use SSH…

If you don’t have a squeezelite folder, then create one! You can do this by using mkdir in your terminal:

mkdir squeezelite


Now go to your squeezelite folder:

cd squeezelite


Remove an older version, if it’s there:

rm ./squeezelite-armv6hf


Next download the latest version:

wget http://squeezelite-downloads.googlecode.com/git/squeezelite-armv6hf


Remove the old version:

sudo rm /usr/bin/squeezelite-armv6hf


Copy the latest version to the folder /usr/bin:

sudo cp squeezelite-armv6hf /usr/bin


Setting the permissions right:

sudo chmod a+x /usr/bin/squeezelite-armv6hf


Reboot If you want, else stop start the service:

sudo shutdown -r now


Now you are ready to rock and roll (again) !!!


Suggestions for improving this article are welcome, please let me know and drop me a line .