Harrison Mixbus crashes after selecting the Jack driver

On Ubuntu Studio 18.04 and 18.10 I had a problem with Harrison Mixbus version 5 and 5.1 (new update). Harrison Mixbus crashes during the the starting phase, after selecting the Jack driver. Which is strange as Ardour 5.x seems to work fine.

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Converting amSynthPreset to LV2 standards

As I created many amSynth presets for standalone usage, I needed to convert them to a different standard as I wanted to use them within the LV2 plugin version of amSynth. I converted the first presets by hand, which was a painstaking experience. As I had many more to go, I wondered whether I could automate this process. With trail and error I created a script. It uses a template, copies it and replaces the values from the given preset.

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Saving webcam images from a website?!

Saving webcam images from a website using a bash script on your Mac (or other UNIX based system).

My wife is an artist and uses several large kilns in her studio. As the studio is not next to our house, she needed to get over to the studio every time she wanted to check the status and or temperature of the firing program of the kilns. So to spend less time and energy on traveling back and forth, I got my wife a webcam, and programmed it to send photos of the digital kiln controller to her website.

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Connect your WiiMote to Windows using the BlueSoleil bluetooth stack

All right I received even more mail saying “my bluetooth software doesn’t look like yours” (see this article or this article)… As said before that is possible because there are several bluetooth packages around. In this article I’ll try to explain how you can connect your WiiRemote to Windows XP while using the BlueSoleil bluetooth stack.

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