This is how to install RTSynth on Ubuntu

RTSynth is a fantastic, midi event triggered, realtime software synthesizer developed by Stefan Nitschke. It is one of the few physical modeling approaches to audio synthesis for linux in which the waveform of the sound generated is computed by using a mathematical model. In other words equations and algorithms simulate a musical instrument (the physical source of sound). In this “how to install RTSynth” I’ll walk you through the installation procedure.

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How to install Sequencer64

Ubuntu Studio really has some perfect features as it comes to performing live. It has great synths, and superb effects among others. And of course it has a sequencer program, but personally I prefer sequencer64. Sequencer64 is the ‘beast mode’ of a program called seq24, it has many new features while the heart of seq24 stayed intact. This article helps you install sequencer64 on your Ubuntu Studio.

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