diy face mask pattern

At times like these, we should all be working together! I am not writing an article on how to make your own face mask, neither am I writing an article on whether face masks are useful. This article is only there so you can download the patterns if you would like to make your own face mask.

There is a great “how-to” on DIY face masks in this article DIY Cloth Face Mask on by Jennifer Murphy. I took the PDF files and made them into scalable vector graphics images using the technique as explained by the Punished Props Academy in this article over here. This way you can scale them and make them suit your needs as one size doesn’t fit all. Further investigation led me to the organization Masks of Love WNC.

You can download the DIY face mask patterns here:

PDF mask+1+regular+size+with+pocket+A-side and B-side and SVG here.

PDF mask+2+large+pattern here and SVG here.

PDF mask+2+regsize+pattern here and SVG here.

PDF mask+2+child+pattern here and SVG here.

Stay safe and please help each other!

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