Automated calibration of your WiiMote in GlovePie

After having used GlovePie several times, I thought it would be handy to have a function that would auto calibrate my Wii remote. I couldn’t find a script or routine that did this, so I decided to give it a try.

I wrote a routine that sampled and summed the values of the x-, y- and z-axes for 200 times, dividing the generated sum by two hundred gives a rather good Offset value :-). You can copy and paste my script into most other scripts. It makes it much easier (and faster) to hook up any WiiMote and use it instantly. All you have to do after copying and pasting my script is place the Wiimote face up on a flat surface, start the GlovePie script and wait for the calibration to be 100 %

You can download the WiiMote Auto Calibration script here.

An example of the automatic calibration of the WiiMote can be seen into action in the adjusted “Google Earth Interface for Wii Remote” script written by Joseph Coulston.

You can download the original scipt here, and you can download the adjusted script here.

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