How to EQ vocals

Of course there is no exhaustive and conclusive answer to “how to EQ vocals“, but there are some guidelines you can follow and that offer you reasonable results even if you’re not into audio.

You can use the following 4 steps within your audio package of choice.

Step 1 – Remove low frequency rumble
Set your “High Pass Filter” somewhere between 80 and 120 Hz

Step 2 – Add more freshness to audio track
Top shelf, boosting high from 8 kHz with 1 to 6 db (if you want to do it subtle: 12 – 16 kHz)

Step 3 – Reduce offending frequencies
Sweep your vocal track by using a small bell curve, to find offending frequencies round 800 – 1 kHz and reduce them by -3 db

Step 4 – Make vocals more outstanding
Boost the vocal presence in your mix, by boosting the range between 2 – 5 kHz with 1 to 4 db



  • With everything you do while EQ ing your audio, listen carefully to the results!
  • Never work on your original files, always use a copy!


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