Improving readability of worksheet data in Excel

It can be a big help if your data in Excel is easy to read (avoiding errors in calculations and or data analysis). I know there are more ways than one to achieve that goal, in this article I’ll show you some code that handles the solution without using conditional formatting. It’s a rough and simple solution…

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Prevent RSI and automate mouse clicks by using excel

Sometimes one has to do a lot of mouse clicking… By repetitive clicking and small movements of your hands and other joints you could end up with some nasty RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) and that ain’t worth it!!! So beat RSI (or your enemy while gaming) by using VBA and Excel to automate some excessive mouse clicks!

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TonidoPlug running Squeezecenter 

One of the best gadgets I bought recently is a TonidoPlug, the TonidoPlug is based upon the well known SheevaPlug. The SheevaPlug is a 1000 MHz Marvell CPU combined with 512 MB flash, and 512 MB internal RAM. At the size of roughly two cigarette boxes it makes it an ideal home server using just 5 watt. These great hardware specs are combined with a great software package running on top of it. The package is based on Ubuntu 9.04 and lets you choose to use a variety of services (Torrent Client, Photo Gallery, Jukebox, WebsharePro (remote access to your files), Workspace, Thots, Search, Backup and Explorer). It’s really easy to setup and you can easily expand its capabilities.

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Making music using a computer, Wiimote and PureData

An article that appeared on the Create Digital Music website, about making music using the WiiMote and a computer, drew my attention. Several hints were given on the how to, but as always in doing new things the information was scattered everywhere and nowhere. After reading many articles and watching many videos I found out how to realize a working setup for myself. In this article I’ll try to explain the steps needed to create a working setup for yourself.

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